Nitrogen Reflow

Although utilizing nitrogen is an additional cost to Ayala Material Services, Inc., there is no extra cost to the customer as we believe the higher quality benefit to our process and customer's produce is worth it.  Nitrogen reflow is more beneficial when comparing to air convection reflow in the following aspects:
Improved Solder Quality

Higher surface tension as well as less reoxidation of IC terminals will increase the wetted surface by 20% to 30%, resulting in increasing solder joint strength.  Higher surface tension minimizes solder balling when using fine pitch solder paste.  Less oxidation also improves the wetting on NiAu and bare copper solder lands.

Enlarged Process Window

The soldering process will be less sensitive to poor solderability and solder lands and component terminals, thereby improving the soldering BGA and CSP/LGA devices.  This is more applicable for Pb-Free Assemblies that would be RoHS compliant.

Void Reduction

Compared to air convection reflow, we discovered an additional benefit of void reduction when using nitrogen reflow.

Other benefits

Visual appearance of the solder joint surface will be smoother and shinier, especially for Pb-Free Assembly making it easy to inspect and rework.  Larger surface tension can hold larger and heavier components on bottom side when performing double reflow.

3D X-ray Machine

The 3D X-ray machine is a powerful equipment with 2,400x magnification and analysis capabilities.

It is able to scan components that cannot be checked with visual inspection
(BGA, LGA, QFN, leadless, ground pad, ect.)  It allows:
  • Real time X-ray inspection
  • Image analysis / enhancement
  • Integrated CT acquisition

Flying Probe Test

Flying Probe Test provides component/PCB level feedback before reaching the customer.
  • Test 100% for short and open
  • Find failure of components, incorrect components and wrong polarity
  • Test boards with virtually unlimited number of nets.
  • High speed